A collection of our favourite lentil recipe resources

Lentils are more than just soup and dahl...check out these inspirational websites to get you experimenting with all kinds of different flavours and uses for your lentils!

  1.  Lentils.org
    This wonderful site has endless options!  Clearly broken up into meal-type and even dietary concerns, you'll discover a world of pulses you never knew existed!

  2. My Darling Lemon Thyme
    A fantastic gluten-free resource, set out beautifully and recipes designed and tested by qualified chef Emma, and cleverly sectioned by seasonal suitability.

  3. Ottolenghi
    If you haven't heard of Yotam Ottolenghi, do you even cook...? But seriously, the Israeli-British chef had done wonders for the humble legume for over a decade and his delicious recipes are now staples for home cooks worldwide.

  4. A Couple Cooks
    If a whole food plant-based diet is your jam, then check out this very comprehensive site with a plethora of inventive lentil dishes.

  5. Bon Appetit
    Restaurant-quality dishes to level up your repertoire and impress your dinner guests!